Gentle Whitening Kit
Gentle Whitening Kit
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Specially formulated for teeth sensitive to whitening.
Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine are formulated to be gentle on teeth that may be sensitive to whitening. The Gentle Whitening Kit uses a specially designed whitening formula and, with our teeth whitening LED light, Crest Blue Light, removes 10 years of tough, set-in stains.

  • Gently removes years of stains for a whiter smile
  • Carefully formulated for teeth sensitive to tooth whitening
  • The no-slip grip of Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine's Advanced Seal Technology stays put so you can talk and even drink water while whitening your teeth
  • Gentle Whitening Kit provides a comfortable, at-home teeth whitening experience using the same enamel-safe whitening ingredients used by dentists
  • This teeth whitening kit includes 14 treatments of 28 sensitive whitening strips, each with 1 upper and 1 lower strip; use once daily for 30 minutes, then apply the Crest Blue Light to upper and lower teeth until the LED light turns off automatically
  • No messy gels or trays
  • LED light device is lightweight, disposable and handheld and works to weaken tough, set-in stains
  • Water resistant
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2/ 5
11 13th 2017

Product didnt perform

Tried the strips, but they didnt really do anything in whitening my teeth. It could be, because I am older and we just dont have that much enamel left on our teeth to whiten them. So if you are older and your enamel has gotten thinner, don't waste your money

1/ 5
10 17th 2017

Would not recommend!

I bought these strips and you use them for 14 days once a day. I am on my 12th day and they have done absolutely nothing. They are easy to use and stick really well to my teeth but they have not whitened my teeth at all. I am lucky that I have my receipt and the box so I will be sending for a refund.

5/ 5
07 29th 2017

Awesome strips

It is awesome This product really does work if you stay consistent with using it. I switched to crest everything about two or three weeks ago and I don't regret it, my teeth are much whiter than before when I used aquafresh, it also works in less time than most other dental products I've used, it also leaves your mouth in a much more clean and fresh taste to your mouth. Y'all have a nice day

1/ 5
05 22nd 2017

Not what I expected

I usually get the more expensive, "professional" crest white strips, and they are amazing! I bought these because they were on sale, and figured why not, "all credit products are usually great...wrong. These are horrible, they don't work, period.

1/ 5
05 19th 2017

I want the old kind back

I used to use the old version of white strips and now the no slip are terrible. They don't stick very well and when they are sticking its really hard to peel off your teeth. I use these once every 3/4 months and I don't think they are worth spending $40 for now.

5/ 5
05 12th 2017


I just got my braces off a few days ago and my original plan was to get veneers on two of my front teeth due to yellow spots I've always had. Since having my braces off I have used the Crest white strips the gentle line and I am shocked at how white my teeth are already. I am so impressed I don't feel like I need to get veneers now which will save me a dollar or two! So happy with my results and it's worth every penny! Thank you Crest for making my teeth look so good!

1/ 5
04 26th 2017

Didn't work for me

I bought this product not because I have sensitive teeth but because it was a more gentle option for teeth whitening. I used it as directed but did not see any results, too bad that I didn't keep my receipt long enough or the box either, otherwise I would have asked for my money back.

1/ 5
03 19th 2017


I agree with 3/3/17 review. Only purchased the 30 minute no slip Whitestrips because I couldn't find the 5 minute strips. I too had the same experience--had to rip (and scrape) off these 30 minute Whitestrips. I will never use these again and do not recommend. For many years I've used the the 5 minute Gentle Routine strips and never ever had a problem. These were great--easy to place on teeth and very, very easy to remove. Crest has lost me as a customer unless they BRING BACK 5 MINUTE GENTLE ROUTINE WHITESTRIPS.

1/ 5
03 3rd 2017

Bring back 5 minute Gentle Routine Whitestrips

Have used Gentle Routine Whitestrips for a number of years and have always been very happy with the product and the results. But I have to agree with the most recent reviews of the new 30 minute Whitestrips - not a good product nor would I recommend. The strips are too stiff and are not easy to place around the teeth. Also, the strips adhere a little too well - upon removing them it felt as though I was was ripping them off - like a bandaid! The previous product for sensitive teeth, the 5 minute Gentle Routine, was absolutely great! The strips were pliable and very easy to place on my teeth. Due to that pliability I was able to cover all parts of the tooth/teeth I was trying to whiten. Who can argue with a 5 minute treatment? They did a great job of whitening (not the "glow-in-the-dark" white some people prefer - rather a more natural white) and there was never any tooth/gum sensitivity. Please consider bringing back the very pliable, 5 minute Gentle Routine. Thank you!

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